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Code: MOS282

4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

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  • House: 358 m²


The area

Moscow is the capital, the most populous city and the main economic and financial center of Russia.
It stands on the banks of the river Moscova and occupies an area of 2 561.50 km². With more than 12 million inhabitants (18 million in the metropolitan area) it is the first city in Europe by population and area, and the residence of about a tenth of Russian citizens. It is therefore the 11th most populous city in the world and the northernmost and coldest megalopolis on Earth. Moscow is the city with the highest number of millionaires residing in the world, it has been ranked as the ninth most expensive city in the world by Mercer and is one of the largest urban economies, being classified as a global alpha city and is also one of the destinations fastest growing tourism according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.

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